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The AV Softwares focuses on serving business needs in the new digital age. We have expertise in Developing Softwares, E-commerce website, CMS website, PHP website, Wordpress , Drupal, Joomla, Customer relationship management .

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Development and Design

AV softwares holds a significant role when it comes to Development and Dilivery.

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About Our Team

Our softwares team is also adept at understanding client requirements and creating robust and user-friendly software solutions for our clients.

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CRM and Real estate projects

CRM: CRM development there are several Crm projects we developed and delivered. In real estate projects we are the top web providers.

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About Us

Company Profile

Who we are, what we do

We are AV Softwares, a web development company in India that began in 2014. We started with the aim to be a trove of reliable, capable, and strong developers and we have always identified as a core development firm. But along our journey, we have been fortunate to form empowering, educational, and wonderful partnerships with many entrepreneurs, designers, project managers, analysts, and content writers whose knowledge and experience have thankfully rubbed off on us. This has encouraged us to pursue more exciting work. We expanded our horizons and can now offer a holistic solution to our clients. This includes web design, web development, and maintenance as core services as well as SEO as a value added service.And we also provide Training.

AV Softwares focus on the procession that create and maintains software application by applying technologies and practices from project management, engineering, application domains and other fields.

Spirit of AV softwares

Aspiration to win - Knowledge, Persue and Innovate, Excel

This is about healthy competitive spirit to win, to be the best. It is NOT about an out-of-control desire to win. This is the desire to go beyond the limits, to do our best and aim, for perfection. This is about trying to be better than the last time. We win when our customers are happy with us.

Standard Behaviour - Trust, Sincerity, Integrity, Honesty, Fairness.

We focus on honesty, transparency, fairness and high moral standards of conduct to create positive energy. We gain trust by treating all people with integrity, respect, dignity, and fairness. We embrace the diversity of all and treat everyone with respect. We respect privacy and protect personal information. We are open, honest, and ethical in all of our dealings.


AV Softwares is a IT Services and Business Solutions Company that provides IT and Business consulting, Software design and development, Testing, Maintenance and Training.

AV softwares is focused on providing innovative and qualitative IT Solutions and Services. Additionally, to help our customer to achieve their business objectives by providing best-in-class business and IT consulting.

AV softwares was formed in 2014 by IT professional,Vijay Kumar with initial support from his team.

Today, with unmatched technical expertise and insights I have spread my wings across a range of strategic domains. I define, design and deliver solutions that go with the changing times and technologies. I'm maintaining the highest levels of quality and compliance to meet clients requirements. I believe and take pride in building a long term relationships with client.


We are small,but a professional team

Vijay Kumar


Harish N Gowda




Srinivas murthi

Software Developer

Umesh M

Software Developer


Software Test Engineer

Sriram Kulkarni

Software Developer

Dharmendra Chauhan

Software Developer

Meet Our Clients

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Come Today For Tomorrow!

Latest Works

This is our small achievment.

Our services

What we offer

Mobile Apps & Mobile sites.

With the advent of smartphones, the web is now accessed on the go. Having just a desktop application is no longer sufficient. Businesses have the option of a native app or a html5 app, which will make sure that the end user experiences a dedicated, easy to use mobile application. At 2014, we have witnessed this transition over the past few months and are equipped to provide the right solution to our clients. If you want a mobile site instead then do reach out to us.

Web Apps

To put it simply, building web apps is our livelihood! Our web development services include e commerce websites, web application development, php web development & WordPress website development. We started with building our own custom CMS to support these applications, but since the introduction of frameworks like WordPress, we have focused on building on top of common CMS’s to leverage their benefits and happily pass them on to our client.

CRM & ERP Applications

Technology and the Web has changed the way companies approach CRM strategies because advances in technology have also changed consumer buying behavior and offers new ways for companies to communicate with customers and collect data about them. With each new advance in technology—especially the proliferation of self-service channels like the Web and smartphones, customer relationships is being managed electronically. Many aspects of CRM relies heavily on technology, however the strategies and processes of a good CRM system will collect, manage and link information about the customer with the goal of letting you market and sell services effectively.


AV softwares holds a significant role when it comes to Training & Placement. From the industry with an experiance of 5 years & more and faculty members having rich knowledge and experience in the areas of training & development,AV softwares plays a vital role in molding careers for thousands of students who has undergone training with us successfully. In order to meet the manpower requirement across IT Industry.

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2nd floor,Jai Maruthi Complex,J.C Circle,Theru Beedhi rood,Hoskote-562114,Banglore Rural Dist,Karnataka


www.agrvision.in,contact No: Land Line: 08027933226

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